Monday, June 27, 2022

Frank LoBuono
3 min readJul 4, 2022

Today’s MOZEN: Like Your Life Depended On It

While watching a CNN interview this morning being conducted with a so-called Right to Life representative (it doesn’t really matter which organization because they all use pretty much the same rhetoric), it occurred to me that they really don’t understand the true crux of the Roe v Wade decision — neither when it was implemented nor now, at its repeal.

Paraphrasing, the woman claimed that the repeal of Roe finally restores choice to the people by returning the decision on such matters to our most directly representative legislators, i.e. the individual States.

OK, here’s what dropped my jaw immediately upon hearing that statement. The key word is CHOICE. It’s not really about abortion and it’s NEVER been about abortion. It’s about a woman’s choice to control her own body! There is no group think here. It’s about EACH woman’s ability to make the choices that she believes are in her own best interests — for whatever reason — we are not to judge!

No legislation on ANY level can or should deny this unalienable right to every living human being — which if you haven’t noticed includes women.

And people have to understand that the latest actions of this Supreme Court are just the tip of the spear of an ultra-rightwing Conservative Christian movement, headed by the GOP and the likes of Mitch McConnel, et al. They have been pointing this Country in that direction for decades. And, mostly due to ineptitude by the opposing Democrats, have seized the momentum.

Many people have laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of former President Donald J. Trump. He certainly is a prime instigator. But, do you REALLY believe that an inept personality like Mr. Trump could have hatched this scheme on his own? Really?

Oh no, my friends. DJT did not come up with Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett all by himself?

Mr. Trump knew as much about them as I know of the President of Latvia, i.e. never heard of him!

He was fed those names by a cabal of ultra-Christian Conservatives who will do everything within their rather considerable power to MAKE (AND KEEP) AMERICA WHITE and CHRISITAN AGAIN. And, like the good puppet he REALLY was, Trump gave them what they (he) wanted.

And, shame on us for letting it happen. Registered Democrats far outnumber Republicans. Women outnumber men and vote in greater numbers. Yet, the GOP continues to win seats of power all over the Country.

So, we got what we paid for!

Ultimately, the fate of America, and this IS a battle for its soul, rests with the people who remain dedicated to their cause. Talk is cheap. Action counts. If you want to see changed then you must make change.

Vote like you life depends on it — ’cause it does.