oday’s MOZEN: When Cruelty IS The Message

Frank LoBuono
3 min readSep 19, 2022


When you feel like you need to use cruelty to make your point, even a powerful, important one, you’ve lost any claim to the moral high ground. However, perhaps even more disturbing, is the fact that people who perpetrate such inhumanity simply don’t care. In fact, the cruelty IS the point.

Of course I speak of the recent tactic employed by certain Republican governors (nod, nod, wink, wink) of busing (or, in some cases flying) people who have crossed our Southern border seeking a better life for themselves and their families to so -called Sanctuary Cities like New York and D.C, often at a cost greater than it would have been to provide them the services they so desperately need. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, even went so far as to use Florida taxpayers’ money to FLY a group of migrants from Texas to that bastion of liberalism, Martha’s Vineyard — as if they might have ANY facilities to help these poor people.
It has also been reported that these people, even if they had signed releases, did so under the false pretense of work, aid, and housing.

Mostly to make a political point.

The point trying to be made is that it is unfair to let border States (virtually all controlled by the GOP) to bear virtually the entire burden of the enormous amount of people crossing their borders.

And, you know what? From that POV, they’re right. The mayor of Laredo, Texas, a major southern crossing city, deals with up to 26 busloads/day! This, of course, is an untenable situation for ANY city. It is an issue and HAS BEEN for a long time. But there has been no major immigration legislation passed since the Reagan era. This is the fault of BOTH political parties. However, a closer examination of the voting records show that it has been the Republican party’s resistance to ANY reasonable solution preventing any meaningful change.

However, to use human beings — HUMAN BEINGS — as pawns to make a point lacks the compassion and ethos of what America was SUPPOSED TO MEAN — and that’s not HAPPPY HORSESHIT. You either believe in our mission of “give us your tired, your poor” or you don’t.

Obviously, there are many in this Country who don’t — and they have always existed. Despite what many so-called patriotic Americans refuse to acknowledge and contrary to what it so well defined on The Statue of Liberty, we have ALWAYS resisted immigration, especially if it involved darker races from different cultures.

The is FACT.
As a matter of policy, the US Government has often passed legislation limiting the entrance of certain ethnicities over others, i.e. the white races.

And, they would do so again if these Governors have their way.

Look, I’m not blind. I AM empathetic to those who bear the brunt of it on the border. SOMETHING needs to be done. And, I also KNOW that cruelty to our fellow human beings is not the answer — and never has been.

Mayor Eric Adams, Official Photo

Perhaps NY City mayor, Eric Adams said it best in an interview this morning when he said (paraphrasing) that this was a humanitarian crisis and should be shouldered as such — by the ENTIRE Country. To handle it as is being done now is contrary to the ideals of what is supposed to mean to be an American.

I couldn’t agree more.