Frank LoBuono
2 min readFeb 11, 2020


F LoBuono

Imbecilic is defined as an adjective meaning contemptibly stupid, silly, or inappropriate. It should also have a photo of President Donald J. Trump next to it, especially considered his most recent faux pas at one of his lovefests, a.k.a. rally.

While speaking to another wildly enthusiastic crowd of his unshakable minions in Concord, New Hampshire, Mr. Trump began firing up his base by saying how much he loved their historic town, the town that EVERYONE talks about, the cradle of the American Revolution, CONCORD.

There was just one problem: the CONCORD that EVERYONE talks about, the place where legend says the American Revolution began with The Shot Heard ‘Round the World, is in MASSACHUSETTS!! And, equally lame and inexplicable, the crowed roared with approval.

Coupled with his recent topographic miscue putting the Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas instead of their home state of Missouri, this latest massacre of US geography is beyond a simple slip of the tongue: it’s proof that his is incapable of meeting the most simple demands of his office. This is AMERICAN HISTORY 101!!!

Look, everyone makes mistakes. We are ALL human — even him. He doesn’t have to be a genius. We have had many Presidents who’s IQ’s were sorely lacking. However, this man is still the leader of the entire Country. He is President of ALL the people from ALL of the States and he should know the important history and contributions each of them has made to the whole. But, that would mean he would actually have to READ and LEARN something. His incredible lack of knowledge in this area should be shocking (and, insulting) to EVERY AMERICAN!!!! The fact that his sycophants take no issue with this shameless lack of important, basic knowledge is as disturbing as it is lame.

Unfortunately, from the beginning of his Presidency, this man’s goal has been the Dumbing Down of America — for the Common Man to rise above the so-called Educated Elite. Well, unfortunately, he seems to be succeeding — to the benefit of no one — except himself.

And, it’s up to us to stop it — come November.