Today’s MOZEN: A Moment of Grace

Frank LoBuono
2 min readFeb 7, 2023

They are usually fleeting; normally lasting only a few minutes. They also come at the oddest times and usually under the simplest of circumstance. They may be ephemeral but those brief Moments of Grace are always spiritual — at least to me.

It’s a warm feeling of well-being, when all is right with the world. At that very moment, your stars have aligned, your ducks are all in a row, a steady course has been set, and everything, in its own time, will be just fine. You have no doubts.

I had just such an experience last night. It was cold; below freezing — the kind of weather for a nice cuddle under a warm, hand-made quilt.

On this night, I was fortune to have access to both.

So, when it was time to sleep, I quickly stepped out of the chilled air and slid myself between the sheets and under the quilt. My girlfriend, Amanda, was already in bed and rapidly approaching sleep. I immediately came close to her to spoon against her warm body, She responded gently to my presence, eagerly accepting my embrace.

Then, as an added bonus, my little bear of a cat, Joe, jumped onto the bed and quickly ensconced himself at our feet, providing further warmth and comfort.

Within seconds, that feeling washed over me: it could only be described as a State of Grace! It was if I was bathing in the pure light of simple satisfaction. At that brief, fleeting moment in time, my existence was as complete as it would ever be.

I drank it in deeply, as I would from a tumbler of the best bourbon.

I giggled gleefully, sighed. And smiled. Broadly. Completely.

And, then I slept. . .