Frank LoBuono
2 min readAug 22, 2022

In response to the Draconian policy initiated by Florida’s cretinous Governor, Ron DeSantis, of banning books in schools that might evoke feelings of so-called woke culture I would say this:

ALL books should be read by EVERYONE (or at least as many as possible), even those we might find objectionable. True freedom of thought, by definition, includes exposure to different ways of thinking and points of view that we might find repulsive or even disturbing.


Because they expand our minds by our attempting to understand those who may think (very) differently than we do, thereby expanding our ability to fathom (if not agree or totally accept) others.

The same goes for school children — with a certain caveat: they need to read under the guidance of others, particular those trained to mentor them through the entire experience, i.e. TEACHERS.

And, this is why Florida is hemorrhaging teachers!

Why would any eligible educator wish to work under such debilitating conditions? I know that I certainly wouldn’t.

As for the Governor’s prideful boast that “woke culture comes to Florida to die” — seriously?

Asking your constituents to deliberately dumb themselves down so as to not accept the concepts of fairness, equity, peace, love, acceptance, intelligence, and curiosity because it does not fit HIS vision of America is simply deplorable.

Stand up. Be heard. Say NO to Ron DeSantis and Florida — they have finally earned the moniker, FLORI-DUH!!!!