Today’s MOZEN: How Many?

F LoBuono

(originally publish in TalkFrank, January, 2020)

This may be preaching to the choir at best, and falling on deaf ears at worst, but it must be said: how many more powerful people, titans in their fields, at the top of their games, whether you agree with them politically or not, have to come forward to put forth the proposition that Donald J. Trump is unfit for the office of President for his supporters to believe it?

Here is just a partial list -

Rex Tillerson — former Chairman and CEO of The Exxon Corporation and 69th US Secretary of State
General James Mattis — Former Commander of US Central Command and 26th US Secretary of Defense
General John F. Kelly — Former Commander of US Southern Command, 5th US Secretary of Homeland Security, and White House Chief of Staff
John Bolton — Yale Law School, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, and 27th US National Security Advisor

In other words, these are NO LIGHTWEIGHTS. Besides, they were appointed by the President himself! Plus, they are just the most easily recognizable among a growing group of other less well-known administration officials and diplomats that echo the same sentiment — The President is not only a moron (he’s a Fucking Moron, as reportedly labeled by Mr. Tillerson), but he’s also a thug who is running the Country like he ran his businesses, i.e. into the ground.

And, it’s appalling to see the members of the once proud Republican Party fall-in like a bunch of whipped puppies whimpering at his heels. How do they look at themselves in the mirror? Cowards and sycophants — every stinkin’ one.

Remain committed to voting every, single one of them OUT!!



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