Today’s MOZEN: I’M BACK!

Frank LoBuono
2 min readNov 15, 2022

As I get more involved with my podcast, BEING FRANK, and teaching at Fordham University, I’ve been left with less time for my first love, writing. But, I will always return to her because I am compelled to. So, here I am.

I must, however, state that there IS another factor that has curtailed my output. And, that is; how many times can you write basically the same thing — over and over again? It’s like the proverbial and legendary Groundhog Day!

Still, it must be said again.

Donald J. Trump is a terrible human being, a grifter, liar, and thief. Of course it involves politics — his suck — but, it goes beyond that — he is just plain bad for our Country for more reasons than I can to write about — again.

So, there. I did say it — AGAIN.


Because, as I write this post, reports have us anticipating an evening announcement where His Orangeness will proclaim his candidacy for President in 2024.

And his minions will roar with approval.

However, this time, hopefully, there is a difference.

You see, this time, based on the very poor performance by GOP candidates, particularly those hand-picked by Mr. Trump, in the recent mid-term elections, those minions have been greatly reduced in number! They seem to eating one another (figuratively, of course).

Look, as is the case with most cults, he will always have his hardcore supporters who, quite literally, would die for him. But, I believe that number will NEVER exceed 30% again.

And, that my friends, is good news. Perhaps, just perhaps, we will live up to what Winston Churchill allegedly said about us:

You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing — after they have tried everything else*.

*It cannot be verified that he actually said that, but he should have!