Today’s MOZEN: Just Another Nail

F LoBuono

The President’s latest made-for-reality-show-TV stunt is nothing new! You’re not surprised, are you?

From the very beginning of his campaign, through his election to the office of President, Donald Trump has represented a very particular aspect of the American psyche. And, he continues to wear it like his pompadour hair; in-your-face and phony.

What he pulled at the White House on Monday (6/1/2020) was his way of saying; do it our way or I’ll beat you to death with this bible!

It’s god, guns, and Country — i.e. White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant (and, those sycophants who would like to be).

And, it seems that over 60 million Americans love it! They believe in the same things and are willing to support a regime that will do everything in its power to make that happen.

Monday was no exception.

His minions will laud him as a Law and Order President, while the rest of the sane world will recoil in horror at the blatant hypocrisy in his actions. Supporters would say he is the tough leader we need to bring order (THEIR order) to America while the rest of the rational, reasonable people would see the absurd irony of man who said he supports the right for people to peacefully protest while simultaneously ordering his troops to purge with tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets, the peaceful demonstrators who had assembled in front of him, then pose in front of church he rarely attends, brandishing a bible, a book that he OBVIOUSLY never reads,without uttering a single word of comfort, leadership, or reconciliation!

But, after all, he was only doing what he’s best at — staging an event that only appeals to the weak-minded and easily impressed. It was as phony as his corny TV show that, by the way, I never watched.

I have NEVER bought his line of shit — and NEVER will. I just hope that he doesn’t do more irreparable damage before we vote his (and his cronies) ass out in November. This ain’t no Reality TV Show!!

And, if you do continue to support his hateful, vengeful rhetoric, you’re as phony and cheap as his is . . .