Today’s MOZEN: Perfect Bull Shit

F LoBuono

Many people say that this is not the time to get political. In this Year of The Corona, it is more important than ever to put aside our differences and come together to combat this deadly COVID-19 virus.

Of course, in times of extreme distress, like today, that statement rings true. However, in order to make it so, we need the glue of LEADERSHIP, i.e. someone with the Strength of Character who, despite any previously perceived shortcomings, rises to new heights to become a beacon of hope and a tower of courage, wisdom, and compassion — A Healer-In-Chief, if you will.

They have been part of our history from its inception: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR come immediately to mind. They were stalwarts of stability and vision.

Well, instead of one of these GIANTS, we are inflicted with the leadership (or, lack-there-of) of a bloated, mendacious, ego maniacal, demagogue. And, his name is Donald J. Trump.

No, Mr. Trump did not create this virus. But, he DID exacerbate its spread. And, although I might be able to forgive incompetence, I will never forgive his WILLFUL path to self-fulfillment at the expense of the American People. My god, he is more impressed with the numbers associated with his friggin’ TV ratings than he is with the ones pertaining to those infected with, and dying from, the disease!!

As if his lame, ego-stroking rallies was not enough to convince people of his unscrupulous nature, it took a Global Pandemic to further expose his woeful lack of not only the skills necessary to combat such a dangerous disease, but the temperament to rise above petty jealousy and the lust for money and power, as well.

I sincerely hope that enough of us survive to send an overwhelming message in November to Mr. Trump and his cronies that his behavior is not suited to that of a GREAT LEADER. In fact, he’s not great excepting for one thing — Bull Shit. In fact, it’s perfect Bull Shit. Perhaps, the greatest Bull Shit of all. . .

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Frank LoBuono

Frank LoBuono

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