Today’s MOZEN: The Arc of Moral Justice — On the 20th Anniversary of 911

Words and photo F LoBuono

In a strange twist of fate, I was watching a program called “The Hunt for Osama bin Laden” on the eve of the 20th Anniversary of the attacks on 911. It told the inside story of the years of effort and the final push to locate and kill the mastermind of 911. Needless to say, it was riveting.

The combat group charged with executing the mission was the Navy’s legendary Seal Team 6. These elite warriors trained for months for this very moment — they were inside his compound and the search was on. As they approached the 3rd floor, where bin Laden was reported to be hiding, they heard him say into a cell phone:

They’ve come from above!

He was shot to death by the Seals moments later.

Think about it. They’ve come from above.

Just as he unleased countless death from above, so death came for him — alone, in the dark, and at the hand of strangers.

The arc of arc of the moral universe is indeed long.*

*Theodore Parker