Today’s MOZEN: The Cult of Trump

Frank LoBuono
2 min readAug 17, 2022


One of the definitions of a cult is as follows:

an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers:

Of course, by definition, this applies to the followers of Donald J. Trump. Even after a virtual mountain of evidence continues to pile up against the object of their great veneration, they steadfastly refuse to see the fact that Mr. Trump was never about them, never about America. He throws them red meat and they cobble it up like starving wolves — even if that meat is rotten. He could come into their homes, shoot their dog, and they would blame the dog!

Because they are part of his Cult of Personality, they have become incapable of even considering the truth — that he is a thief and a grifter who’s only goal is to enrich himself and his family.

And, always has been.

Once a person becomes a member of a cult their return to normal society can be difficult and often requires professional mental health intervention. Some never recover and, if fact, would rather die than desert their so-called savior (see Jim Jones).

So, with that in mind, the only way to defeat them (him) is through our shear strength in numbers and vote out anyone and everyone who continues to support him and his war chest of lies! Remember, despite his totally unfounded claims to the contrary, Mr. Trump NEVER won the popular vote, i.e. not matter how loud or violent they may become, there are simply not enough of them!

DON’T BE AFRAID! WE HAVE THE NUMBERS! The solution to this mess lies within our reach. We just need use the power that has been given us. Exercise it.