Today’s MOZEN: Thug-In-Chief

Photo courtesy of Marketwatch

Originally published in TalkFrank, Nov. 2019

It’s an exercise in futility — trying to convince a Trump supporter that the President is unfit for the job. Despite the mounting evidence that most New Yorkers have known for years; specifically that he is a thug and gangster and always has been, his minions are unshakable in their faith in his abilities.

It begs the question, WHY?

The only possible conclusion that I can fathom is that they see a lot of themselves in him. We’ve heard many a follower say, “he talks just like us” or, “he reminds me of my Uncle Ralph.”

Well, this is not intended to be an insult to you or your Uncle Ralph, but unless you or your uncle are proud of talking like an idiot, you should give up that argument.

We need a leader who not only possesses a brilliant mind, above average communication skills, and a worldly intuition, but also a sense of decency and honor.

Roger Stone leaving courtroom

I am here to say that Mr. Trump is not endowed with ANY of these attributes. he doesn’t write or speak well. He lies. He bullies. He steals. And, if a person can also be judged by the company he keeps, Mr. Trump fails there, as well. The conviction today on ALL charges of Roger Stone, one of his innermost circle, is just the latest example of his thuggish empire.

And, there are more to go — think Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani courtesy Politico

So, I’ll end this post with a question: if you continue to support an administration that is rife with corruption, gangsters, and thugs, what does that make you?

F LoBuono