They say that time heals all wounds. And, that may be true. However, there are some that, even though technically healed, leave a visible scar. And, that scar is there to remind us of the pain we endured in its creation in the first place.

Wednesday, 1/6/2021 will be remembered as a grievous wound that left a scar that will never fade.

The storming of the US Capitol by lame duck President Donald J. Trump’s most ardent supporters, encouraged by the President himself and others in power, will forever be associated with terms like:

Insurrection — Assault — Treason — Sedition — Thuggery — Criminality — Insanity — Ignorance — Hypocrisy — Bigotry — Incompetence — and, flat out Stupidity

And, all of it willful.

There are so many factors that contributed to this catastrophe and many more to consider in its aftermath.

This mob didn’t necessarily start out as such. Their march on Washington was a misguided attempt, fed by the flat out lies of the President himself, to persuade Congress to over-rule the will of the people and prevent them from their legal, sacred, sworn duty naming Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

Their first mistake of many.

As much as I see the absurdity in their argument and the futility in their efforts, I still support their right to peacefully assemble and to petition the government for a redress of their grievances, i.e. The First Amendment. What’s good for the goose must be good for the gander. If Black Lives Matter must be permitted to march and protest, so must MAGA.

But, then MAGA became just a mob — and, I’m not sure if it were anything more than just that in the first place.

Their ignorance knows no bounds. And, their hypocrisy is even worse.

While condemning the BLM movement’s actions, they perpetrated the most vicious attack on the very symbol that guaranteed them the freedom to be there in the first place! And, the mob did so in the most egregious manner, storming the Capitol building itself, assaulting the police, taking photos, making videos, urinating in the hallways, and ransacking offices. Things were broken or stolen. The Temple of Democracy was desecrated. The Capitol is far more than just a building, like the Parthenon or the Statue Of Liberty, it is a symbol of democracy.

Then, there was the response of Law Enforcement that seemed ill prepared for the mob that the crowd had become. Quite frankly, they were overpowered. More disturbingly, was their seemingly patient attitude towards the overwhelmingly white crowd. As I was watching it get away from the police in real-time, I couldn’t help but think that if it was indeed BLM marching up the Capitol steps their response would have been far different, i.e. violent.

And, make no mistake about it. This was terrorism — perpetrated by thugs and encouraged by goons like “Trial By Combat” Rudy Giuliani and Don, Jr.

All of it for a pack of lies generated by a megalomaniac and in the name of freedom or, at least their perverse version of it.

With the support of sycophants like GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, the the attack took on the air of a coup. We should never forget their treason and that it was motivated by their own political ambitions.

Country over Party — my ass — not with Trumpsters!

All of them should be punished to the full extent of the law. Those not guilty of crimes should then be at least scorned. They’ve earned it.

Moving forward, this was far more that just a riot to keep Mr. Trump in office. It was a struggle for the soul of America — and, it has been since the beginning of this administration. It’s plain to see what that soul might consist of if Wednesday is any indication of what we can expect (should they have their way); a Country run by bigots, fools, liars, conspiracy theorists, miscreants, and violent white folk.

People will defend them by saying they love America as much as we do, just in their own way. And, they’re fighting for that way of life. Well, my response is this, it’s a quote from Ulysses S. Grant:

There are but two parties now: traitor and patriot. And I want hereafter to associated with the latter, and, I trust, the stronger one.