Today’s MOZEN. Yes. I’m Saying It Again

Frank LoBuono
4 min readApr 1, 2024


Perhaps you’ve noticed. It’s more likely that you haven’t, but I haven’t written here too much lately.

It’s not that I’m not writing at all. Just not here. One of the reasons is that I’ve been very involved with producing and hosting my own podcast, BEING FRANK, on a weekly basis. Part of my duties include some intensive research and writing for the topic introduction that I make for each program (perhaps you’ve listened! LOL). So, that somewhat eases my compulsion to write.

The second one is that, quite frankly (oh, I did it again!), I got frustrated with too often writing the same thing over and over again. In fact, it’s hard to believe that I began writing about it 8 years ago now.

Donald J. Trump is not a good, or even decent human being. And, it should end there. No politics. No fear. No loathing.

He is not fit to lead ANYTHING.

But, at least I’ve come to understand that his followers accept his message of an apocalyptic future for America — IF he is not elected. It is both frightening and sad. I, like, most of America (at least I believe it STILL is most of us) share the exact opposite vision, i.e. that if he is elected our Country will decay into fascism led my one large, mostly orange blowhard initialed DJT.

The frightening part is that these Americans actually believe in their hearts and souls that this more-than-flawed man can save them from the intellectuals and liberals who are leading this Country down a path where they will no longer have any advantage to be white and undereducated.

And they are terrified!

Well, as journalists, we are trained to be as objective as humanly possible when reporting. This is sacrosanct. However, there at 2, VERY important words to consider here. They are: humanly and possible.

First, we are human beings and, therefore, capable of making mistakes. We do our absolute best to prevent them from happening but we all know that nothing is perfect in this world and neither are journalists.

Second, and most importantly, in many cases, there is no such thing as objectivity. There are ONLY facts and the CONSLUSIONS to where they bring us!

Let me give a clear and easy to understand example: There is no way to codify the Nazi party of mid-20th Century Germany as anything but corrupt and the embodiment of evil. There are NO two sides here!! There are only the facts that support the results of their policies — tens of millions dead.

However, there are still MANY who believe in their doctrine and can find almost any excuse to justify it. If they can’t, they simply don’t care and will eliminate you to prove it!

This is an extreme example, but there you have it.

So it is today. There are the impressions — and then there are the facts.

How many reports from people closest to Mr. Trump, good, honest, honorable people, have said, in the clearest terms possible, that he is more than unfit to lead? He is full of avarice, greed, sloth, contempt of the law, and is vindictive.

And, the best (worst) part is that you don’t have to believe THEM.

Believe in your own eyes and ears, i.e. what you see and hear on a daily basis!

You’ve seen and heard him incite the riots attempting to overthrow the government!

You’ve seen and heard him insult not only opponents but disabled people on a regular basis.

You’ve seen and heard him threaten judges and their families.

You’ve seen and heard him insult the service and veterans.

You’ve seen and heard him insult women by grabbing them in the p.. etc.

You’ve seen him support dictators and murders like Putin, Urban, and the others.

I could go on. It’s actually pretty easy to find ALL of the inexcusable transgressions.

All you have to do is see — not just look — but SEE. Not only listen — but HEAR.

There are no 2 sides. There are those who believe and trust the facts. Then there are those who choose to believe ONLY what they want to.

THERE. So I’ve said it again.

Because it needs to be.