Today’s WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT: Ruling In Hell

Beyond the fact that I feel like I can actual smell stale cigarettes and cheap booze emanating from his photo, whenever I see Steve Bannon I am curious about how he feels about what he is doing to this Country (and the world) — I mean how he truly feels.

Obviously he must take satisfaction in the fact millions follow the movement he created, despite the fact that it is inspired by fear, loathing, and paranoia — all based on lies and propaganda. Logic is not a noun one would associate with his followers. Still, he advised the most powerful man in the world and travels in the exclusive circles of the rich and powerful. In contrast, I will be most fortunate if I have a handful of readers of this post. So, in some twisted sense, he must be doing something right.

Beyond the other bag of foul wind, former President Donald J. Trump, he is unequivocally the Champion of the Bat Shit Crazies like Louie Gomert of Texas, Marjorie Taylor Greene of North Carolina and a host of others whose grip on reality is tenuous at best. You know — the Stop The Steal Bunch.

Bannon’s mantra, his raison d’etre, is to divide and conquer. He thrives on creating an atmosphere of chaos where he can take advantage of the distrust generated by his lies, exaggerations, and phobias. Ultra-white Nationalism is his ultimate goal and he will stop at nothing to achieve that end. Unfortunately, he found the perfect driver for his bus of hate in the former President and plenty of passengers willing to go along for the ride!

Now, what may disturb me most is the fact that Bannon is an extremely intelligent man. He KNOWS the truth. He simply does not care. Truth has nothing to do with his agenda. Making America a fascist state with a white elite (including himself, Trump, Stephen Miller, Michael Flynn and the like) in charge IS. And he is willing to do anything — lie, steal, cheat — to achieve that end.

So, I often wonder why someone with so many obvious gifts uses those gifts for such nefarious purposes.

Beyond what experiences he had as a developing young man that pushed him to champion these unscrupulous tactics and adopt such a bitter and ugly vision for America, I wonder what is his ultimate motivation may be. He made the choice to use his talents to sow fear and hate to achieve his end rather than the true American ideals of inclusion and tolerance.


When I think of it, I am reminded of the passage in Milton’s classic Paradise Lost. When speaking of his cataclysmic fall from heaven the archangel formerly known as Lucifer and now called Satan rails against what he sees as God’s tyranny and declares:

Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven!

But this is only PART of the entire quote. Here is the FULL one:

Here we may reign secure, and in my choyce

To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:

Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav’n

It’s all about AMBITION and POWER. Satan is saying that even suffering in hell is a price worth paying when you lust for power.

Well, Mr. Bannon, have a good time ruling, in HELL!



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