WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT: Does Good Always Win?

In the end, good will always triumph over evil.

This is certainly a positive concept that it used by most of the world’s great religions to encourage people when times are tough.

But, is it accurate? Really?

I say, NO, it is most certainly not true. And, I’m not being overly pessimistic when I make that statement. It’s not an emotional response, either. It is based on logic and reason.

Hear me out.

Yin and Yang is the ancient Chinese concept that when simply put explains that a balance between all things was created from the chaos evident at the beginning of the universe. It is represented by a symbol that melds an equal amount of both black and white within a circle. It means that for everything that is seen in the light, there is an equal amount of darkness. In other words, where good exists, evil must too.

And, this concept of balance is not only found in the philosophical/religious communities but within the scientific as well in such concepts as Newton’s Third Law of Motion (for every action there is reaction) and the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium in genetics.

So, When You Think About It, good does not ALWAYS triumph over evil. They are forces of EQUAL power. And, in a sense, one cannot exist without the other — except, perhaps in nirvana or heaven, or whatever we decide is paradise. But, in THIS world we had better get used to the fact that evil has always lived side-by-side with good. And, that evil deeds do, in fact, occur in equal measure as good ones.

So, in my mind, we must accept evil for what it is. However, at the same time, as have been given minds that think and emotions that make us human, we must do whatever we can to accentuate the good and minimize the bad. Then, the world will turn . . .



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