Of all the groups of troglodytes that attacked our democracy by invading the Capitol, there are two that I find the most infuriating: Evangelical Christians and Military Veterans. And, that’s because both share a disturbing level of hypocrisy.

First, let’s deal with the Evangelicals.

Their duplicity knows no bounds. They devote their lives to a deity who is known as The Prince of Peace. The Christ preached love above all else, service above self, and respect for ALL living things.

Yet, these so-called Born Again Christians seem to observe these tenets only when people completely agree with THEIR beliefs and platform. Others, even if they are righteous human beings who do not share their views, are doomed to eternal damnation. For example, Jews, even those who remain true to their own faith, are condemned to the pits of hell if they do not acknowledge THE CHRISTIAN GOD, i.e. Jesus, as their savior. And, they’re willing to kill and maim to prove their point. According to them, this is to be a Christian Nation with no room for anyone else.

Many of the rioters at the Capitol carried Christian symbols and claimed that they were there by god’s authority. If they needed to use violence to achieve their goals, at least it was sanctioned by Jesus.


Military veterans who participated and continue to support the failed regime of Donald J. Trump are an enigma to me.

However, before I explain my reasoning, let me say how much I respect veterans. My father and virtually all of my uncles served in the military, many in WWII. So, I know of the sacrifices they all made in the service of this Country. I admire them. They all became part of something greater than themselves.

Apparently, a fairly large amount of the mob that breached the gates of the Capitol were military veterans. Some evidence suggests that even some active duty soldiers and sailors were involved. Many of them were betrayed by the tactical gear and clothing they wore and the tactics they employed to gain entrance to the building.

The question that confounds me is why someone who is willing to sacrifice so much in the line of duty, would break their oath to defend the Constitution, especially for a man who not only did NOT serve but did his best to make sure that he did not (Mr. Trump received 5 deferments for bone spurs)? In addition to his own cowardice, he has made documented comments insulting ALL veterans, calling them suckers, and attacking legitimate war heroes like the late John McCain.

It just doesn’t make any sense. Two groups whose mission should be to both protect and heal our society, are doing it the most harm.

Supporters of Mr. Trump argue that he was never given a chance to implement his vision of America and that those who oppose him suffer with something called TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome, i.e. constantly looking for something to deride him with.

What nonsense.

One needn’t look far or fast to see his shortcomings. His hardcore supporters fail to acknowledge the fact that he NEVER won the popular vote — in either election — because HIS vision is not America’s. It might be for some, but not for most — literally. If anything, that moniker should be stuck on his supporters, not detractors, because the deranged people I saw where the ones attacking democracy in the name of one Donald J. Trump.

So, WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT, place eternal shame on those who use the religion of peace and love as a cudgel to implement their doctrine and on the others who pervert their oaths to an ideal and give it to a man who is, in reality, despite his title, beneath them.



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