WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT: The Tip of the Spear

Frank LoBuono
3 min readJan 29, 2021
Photo: Jose Alvarez

Originally published in TalkFrank, August 2020

If you think the current sad condition of our Country, i.e. a pandemic, record unemployment, racist police policies, and rioting in our streets, is solely about President Donald J. Trump, you would be both right AND wrong.

There is no doubt that the President’s gross mismanagement of affairs, both at home and abroad, has brought us to the bring of chaos. His constant tripping on his over-sized ego leads him to make decisions that he sees as burnishing his image rather than what is best for OUR Country, often siting his TV ratings as a rationale for his actions. The fact that he uses so much make- up and elaborate hair styling to cover his obvious baldness, shows us just how important a certain image is to bolster his fragile psyche. Mr. Trump is simply not capable of seeing past his own self interest. And, by all accounts, this is how he has ALWAYS been.

However, this is not just about him. When you think about it, Trump is The Tip of the Spear. He has simply given voice to a pernicious underbelly of America that has been simmering for years. It surfaces periodically with fringe groups masquerading as legitimate political organizations like the Tea Party. Today’s most radical manifestation can be found within the so-called QAnon whose followers believe that Mr. Trump is being attacked by deep, dark underground forces that traffic in child pornography. Really.

He is the figurehead, poster child, front, mouthpiece, and icon for these movements that have existed since the inception of this Country. But, he is NOT alone. Trump has given voice to the Bannons, Millers, Stones, Pompeos, and the like whose agenda can be summed up in three words:


Within those three, relatively short and simple words lie a theme that encompasses a racist component, i.e. a white, Christian god, white folk keeping their guns, and a white country that keeps black and brown folk in a subservient role, if any role at all.

With every word, followed by every dirty deed, Mr. Trump and his unwavering, fanatical followers reinforce their commitment to those 3 ideals. And, it’s becoming more and more obvious, as witnessed by a vigilante’s murder of 2 innocent people in Wisconsin, that they intend to pursue their goal, no matter what the cost. Therefore, I truly fear that a civil war may be closer on the horizon than we dare to think.

I would like to say that the choice of directions in this Country has never been clearer. But, that wouldn’t be totally accurate either. That choice has been crystal to me from the very beginning. Donald J. Trump is an evil man. He always has been and always will be — because that’s what he has in his heart and soul.

What’s in yours?

VOTE HIM OUT — and, don’t let the door hit him OR his cronies in the ass on the way!!!