When You Think About: Santos and the GOP. Perfect Together

Frank LoBuono
3 min readJan 20, 2023

First, let it be said that I ALWAYS felt that George Santos was a phony — from the very first time that I saw him.

I had no idea who he was as he was not a candidate in my voting district. But, of course, as an unexpected winner for Congress in his, he was being given a considerable amount of coverage on the local TV news.

I was watching his victory speech with my girlfriend. Much to her dismay, I’m sure, she will have to act as my witness; from the very first frame of video, I swear that I could tell that he was an out-and-out phony. In fact, once again as my girlfriend would attest, I was flabbergast that I seemed to be the only one noticing! I mean, his supporters were roaring in the background.

Everything about Santos (the name he is currently being identified as), to me, reeked of insincerity: his smile, his body language, his clothing, his copious amounts of what appeared to be make-up, his remarkably straight, ultra-white teeth, spray-on tan, and his “little boy” haircut.

Of course, at this point, none of the details had been released defining him as a lying sack of shit. It was just a feeling, a vibe. I’ve been a photographer for a LONG time and one of the keys to any success I may have had lies with my ability to get a sense of people/situations to capture them in the light of THEIR truth.

Frankly, I couldn’t believe that he was elected. But, obviously, he was chosen by the voters and their decision would have to be respected. (How all of his deceit went undetected by his opponents and the press until now is a story for another post.)


Rather than spend a considerable about of time to document ALL of his blatant LIES, let me streamline the process by simply saying, if his lips are moving, he’s lying. He tries to defend himself (when he bothers to) by saying they’re not lies but embellishments. Screw that — I know a lie when I hear one!

I’m not a psychiatrist but I think it safe to say that the man has some type of pathological condition that simply prevents him from telling the truth.

But, that’s not my problem or ultimate concern. What IS is the Republican response to the situation.

Mr. Santos, despite a growing groundswell of opposition, refuses to resign and, so far, the GOP leadership, led by Kevin McCarthy, has not only generally turned a blind eye, has even appointed Santos to a few important Congressional committees!

Any reasonable person should/would legitimately ask, why, especially in the face of such irrefutable evidence, would you do so?

Well, the answer is simply — and, unfortunately, typical of today’s Trumpian GOP; they need his head count to keep their razor thin majority in the House — thereby, once again, demonstrating their lust for power over the integrity of our very Nation.

Obviously, they deserve one another.